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Tulsa’s BEST Nail Salon – Local Love

(Yes, these really are my feet)

Perhaps I like being papered a little too much…  maybe I’m a sucker for exquisite customer service…  Whatever the draw, I have found my haven of rest in a beautiful nail salon on Riverside Drive here in Tulsa.  I discovered this little jewel of a nail salon about a year and a half ago.  I was nine months pregnant when I wondered into Infinity Nail Spa with no appointment, asking for a full set of nails.

That day I felt like I’d been given a gift.  I relaxed.  While the nail artist was doing her thing, another service professional massaged my shoulders.  And I’m not talking about a three-minute token massage either!  This was a good 20+ minutes of pure heaven.   I looked around and saw many other women sitting in pedicure chairs and at manicure tables all receiving the same luxurious treatment. Well, this kind of customer attention is a rare find, and I knew then, that I’d stumbled upon something good.

I’m in the nail salon every two weeks to get a fill and a pedicure, and each visit is just as amazing as that first time I came in.  The pampering is still exquisite.  And the quality of service – well, it’s the best in town if you ask me.  It’s a dynamic combo in the beauty industry when quality service marries customer pampering and care.  So, I love bragging on Infinity to my friends because exceptional service deserves to be celebrated!

As a former nail artist myself, I have pretty high standards when it comes to pedicures and acrylic nails.  I’m obnoxiously picky about the shape of the nail and can’t stand thick acrylic application that produces that cheap “I’m-saving-money-on-my-nails” look.  Just like hair style and makeup application, nail design is a respected art.  And the artist must consider the woman’s hand as a whole – the length of her fingers and coloring of her skin – when shaping each nail.  For me, pearl-tips that are short and classy are my go-to nail design.  The white cannot be too white nor can it be too neutral.  And the pink acrylic cannot be the color of bubble gum (no tolerance).  Here, I’ll keep it simple.  This is what looks best on me:

So, who gets the delightful job of servicing me? Her name is, Yen.  Yen, is the best nail designer I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to many over the years).  I never had to tell her what I like or how to shape my nails.  She just knew.  She’s a professional who is time-efficient, doesn’t skimp on the details, and takes pride in her work.  I was hunting for her kind of quality service when I came through the door a year and a half ago.  Yen is always kind and conversational, welcomes me with a smile, but doesn’t have a need to fill the air space with endless small talk (a quality I greatly admire in all beauty professionals when I find it).  She’s comfortable with herself, and it gives me permission relax and enjoy the experience.  If that’s not enough, she always gives a fabulous shoulder massage at the end of every service for FREE.  So, I’m giving out her number so you can all book with her: 918-298-4521.  She’s Tulsa’s best-kept secret if you ask me.

Meet Piper!  This is my beautiful three-year-old after her first mani/pedi last week.

When you go to the nail salon, look around and notice all the happy faces of the employees.  They all work together to give a beautiful experience to each person who comes through the door – an experience that will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and flip-flop ready.

I thought this week would be a great time to share Infinity Nail Spa with you, as they are celebrating their newly renovated and much expanded nail salon.  They’ve doubled their square footage (of course they have…  their reputation is spreading like wildfire.).  Now when you go in, you’ll see beautiful chandeliers, wall-mounted waterfalls, and tasteful Tuscan décor to accentuate the fabulous service.  9667 Riverside Pkwy in Tulsa.  Go visit them!  And when you go, ask for Yen – tell her Christy sent you.