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(Yes, these really are my feet)

Perhaps I like being papered a little too much...  maybe I’m a sucker for exquisite customer service...  Whatever the draw, I have found my haven of rest in a beautiful nail salon on Riverside Drive here in Tulsa.  I discovered this little jewel of a nail salon about a year and a half ago.  I was nine months pregnant when I wondered into Infinity Nail Spa with no appointment, asking for a full set of nails.

That day I felt like I’d been given a gift.  I relaxed.  While the nail artist was doing her thing, another service professional massaged my shoulders.  And I’m not talking about a three-minute token massage either!  This was a good 20+ minutes of pure heaven.   I looked around and saw many other women sitting in pedicure chairs and at manicure tables all receiving the same luxurious treatment. Well, this kind of customer attention is a rare find, and I knew then, that I’d stumbled upon something good. I'm in the nail salon every two weeks to get a fill and a pedicure, and each visit is just as amazing as that first time I came in.  The pampering is still exquisite.  And the quality of service - well, it's the best in town if you ask me.  It’s a dynamic combo in the beauty industry when quality service marries customer pampering and care.  So, I love bragging on Infinity to my friends because exceptional service deserves to be celebrated! As a former nail artist myself, I have pretty high standards when it comes to pedicures and acrylic nails.  I'm obnoxiously picky about the shape of the nail and can’t stand thick acrylic application that produces that cheap “I’m-saving-money-on-my-nails” look.  Just like hair style and makeup application, nail design is a respected art.  And the artist must consider the woman’s hand as a whole - the length of her fingers and coloring of her skin - when shaping each nail.  For me, pearl-tips that are short and classy are my go-to nail design.  The white cannot be too white nor can it be too neutral.  And the pink acrylic cannot be the color of bubble gum (no tolerance).  Here, I’ll keep it simple.  This is what looks best on me:

So, who gets the delightful job of servicing me? Her name is, Yen.  Yen, is the best nail designer I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to many over the years).  I never had to tell her what I like or how to shape my nails.  She just knew.  She’s a professional who is time-efficient, doesn’t skimp on the details, and takes pride in her work.  I was hunting for her kind of quality service when I came through the door a year and a half ago.  Yen is always kind and conversational, welcomes me with a smile, but doesn’t have a need to fill the air space with endless small talk (a quality I greatly admire in all beauty professionals when I find it).  She’s comfortable with herself, and it gives me permission relax and enjoy the experience.  If that’s not enough, she always gives a fabulous shoulder massage at the end of every service for FREE.  So, I’m giving out her number so you can all book with her: 918-298-4521.  She’s Tulsa’s best-kept secret if you ask me.

Meet Piper!  This is my beautiful three-year-old after her first mani/pedi last week.

When you go to the nail salon, look around and notice all the happy faces of the employees.  They all work together to give a beautiful experience to each person who comes through the door – an experience that will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and flip-flop ready.

I thought this week would be a great time to share Infinity Nail Spa with you, as they are celebrating their newly renovated and much expanded nail salon.  They’ve doubled their square footage (of course they have…  their reputation is spreading like wildfire.).  Now when you go in, you’ll see beautiful chandeliers, wall-mounted waterfalls, and tasteful Tuscan décor to accentuate the fabulous service.  9667 Riverside Pkwy in Tulsa.  Go visit them!  And when you go, ask for Yen – tell her Christy sent you.

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On the left side of the picture you'll see a woman who has had little exposure to the sun, in contrast to her twin sister on the right side!

In the medical field, we say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  The same goes for anti-aging. We are so fortunate to live in a time where skincare products are readily available and accessible.  We know we cannot stop the aging process; we can however, with correct information and a simple skincare regime, transition gracefully into our 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s looking fresh-faced and youthful.

Now, being a big advocate for SPF, I am so excited to share with you some news hot off the medical press.  A clinical study was published June 3rd in the Annals of Internal Medicine which makes the ostentatious claim that Regular sunscreen use retards skin aging in healthy, middle-aged men and women.”  This study is gathering international attention, as it should. We know sunscreen reduces our risk for skin cancer exponentially, but *surprise* it is also your secret weapon against the signs of aging!  The dermatology field has been saying this for years, but scientific studies have not been conducted to document this as fact, until now. According to the study, sunscreen is perhaps the most important beauty investment you can make – the holy grail of anti-aging.  "We now know that protecting yourself from skin cancer by using sunscreen has the added bonus of keeping you looking young." Let’s break it down.  Ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation from the sun is thought to be responsible for “photo-aging” and wrinkling of the skin, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, while ultraviolet B (UVB) rays are the main culprit behind sunburn. Both increase your risk for skin cancers including deadly melanoma.  Reality check: 1 in 5 Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there are over two-million diagnoses each year in the US alone.  3 out of every 4 of these diagnoses will end in death. Slather up, my beautiful friends!  And, not just while you’re in the swimming in the pool! Did you know that sun exposure is cumulative? This means that one year of casual sun exposure (like 30 minutes of daily walking, commuting, etc.) is roughly equivalent to 22 straight 8-hr days of full exposure.  Just because you don’t feel the sun, doesn’t mean the harmful UVA/UVB radiation is not wrecking havoc on your precious youthful skin.   “The only time you don’t need sunscreen, is when you need a flashlight!”  (That's for FREE, right out of the mouth of Linda Parker this morning!)  With this in mind, we should all be slathering on SPF as often as we walk outside, and year-round to prevent photo-aging. Or, as "Photo-aging" refers to skin changes such as fine lines, wrinkles, mottling and pigmentation of the skin, and skin roughness brought on by chronic exposure to sunlight. These changes are usually associated with chronologic aging (calendar years).  However, sun-damaged skin is not a good indicator of actual age.  With photo-aging we end up looking much older than we really are.

A new striking image of a 69-year-old truck driver shows just how much damage the sun can do. The photo-aging is confined primarily to one side of his face, which is explained by the fact that his sun exposure was had primarily though the truck window during most of his adult life.  Sadly, he never wore sunscreen. Documented in the New England Journal of Medicine.

I am passionate about sunscreen.  You see, in my line of work, I see people with very damaged skin.  so many people are dealing with the unflattering effects of photo-aging caused by unprotected exposure to sunlight. The take-away is this: with very little effort, we can ward off this evil villain of aging.  SPF products are so inexpensive and easy to get our hands on; we are overlooking what is possibly the #1 youth-preserving product of our time.   I’m thankful to have good skin, but I also work to stay educated and maintain healthy habits, including use of broad-spectrum sunscreen throughout the day.  I coat my kids when we swim, and I remind my husband to apply and reapply (he has a perfect bald head and I want it to stay that way!).  I’m obsessive.  Even the mineral makeup I wear has a SPF of 26.  Props to Mineralogie!  I use sunscreen morning and evening as part of my daily beauty regime.  I carry sunscreen in my go-to-the-pool bag.  There’s a bottle in the console of my SUV for emergencies. I even have an extra tube of SPF in my purse that I use as hand cream throughout the day. Which brings me to share a little-known secret… SECRET BEAUTY TIP: Don’t forget your hands!  Hands are a dead give-away when it comes to age.  In fact, many dermatologists will tell you that your hands show age much faster than your face.  Ladies, it does NOT have to be this way.  So, next time you are watching the View, notice where the celebrities keep their hands.  Usually they are out of sight, under the table, or far, far from their face.  This is on purpose, because middle-aged women don’t want you to see their hands.  Many women spend bookoos of money to keep a young face, but they don’t put effort into their hands.

Showing their age? Angelina Jolie (left) and Madonna have the tell-tale thin and wrinkly hands of much older women.

Personally, I look at my hands as an extension of my face.  Everything that goes on my face... well, it also goes on my hands.  So, when it comes to sunscreen, slather up every part of your body that will be exposed to the sun – including your hands. So, this is what I use.  Jan Marini’s Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant  This brilliant product (and I cannot re-iterate that adjective enough) is an invisible, hydrating and weightless sunscreen that feels amazing and smells great.  It has SPF 33 and is fast absorbing.  It’s a sunscreen you'll love to wear.  There is no sticky residue (like many over-the-counter brands), and it provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection to defend against the evil villain: aging. And if that isn’t enough, check this out: this stellar SPF actually creates the perfect base for your foundation. It’s truly something to ‘oohh’ and ‘ahh’ about!

For those of you that love to hear about celebrity happenings, I’ve heard Anne Hathaway and Naomi Watts also use this sunscreen.  Khloe Kardashian is also a believer following her skin cancer diagnosis in 2008.  If it’s good enough for the stars, it’s definitely good enough for us! Daily broad-spectrum sunscreen protects us against skin cancer, and now we know that it had the added benefit of helping us maintain youthful, vibrant skin.  A quality SPF product should be non-negotiable in your beauty régime.  Let's transition gracefully into old age because we use sunscreen: the holy grail for maintaining youthful vibrant skin. What are your biggest concerns when it comes to sun exposure?  Why?  And what are your favorite SPF products? 


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Check out for the latest:

back by popular demand:

Mather Hair Design & Cosmetic Studio

Change Your Look with Bold Color and a Blowout


Owner Todd Mather has been in the industry for more than 20 years and leads a team of highly trained stylists, so your locks are in good hands -- and you're sure to emerge from this chic salon looking like a vision: • $65 ($135 value) for single color or highlights + shampoo, blowout, and style • $25 ($95 value) for haircut, shampoo, conditioning, scalp massage, blowout, style, and facial waxing • $28 ($75 value) for a special event consultation + elegant style/updo with special event hair designer Mather Hair Design & Cosmetic Studio's Website | Facebook

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We're Celebrating Moms in a Special Way...

Announcing the Annual Mother's Day Event at Mather Cosmetic Studio!  You won’t want to miss it!  This is an exclusive event for you to bring in your mom or daughter and enjoy specialty hors d'oeuvres while getting pampered together.  You'll be treated to full makeovers, skincare consultations, and specialty products prescribed just for you - all complementary as we celebrate Mothers and Daughters! This is the perfect time for you to spend time together doing what we women love – playing with makeup and discovering the secrets to beautiful skin.

Annual Mother's Day Event Scheduling April 17-May 31, 2012


Why You'll Love it...

This Mother & Daughter Bonding Package includes:
  • Mother/Daughter Makeovers
  • Mother/Daughter Skincare Consultations
  • $40 Jan Marini Skincare Gift Certificate for both woman
  • Mineralogie Cosmetic Brush Gift Set for both women ($40 value)
  • Specialty hors d'oeuvres while getting pampered
  • FREE Age Intervention Eye Cream or Retinol Plus ($65 value) with any SCMS purchase
  • Special in-studio pricing and discounts for all event attendees
  • Beautiful single-stem Pink Carnation (the ‘official flower’ to honor mothers)


  • Space is limited for this event, so call (918) 728-1577 to reserve your spot today!  There is a $30 reservation fee (due at time of booking) - but not to worry, you'll get it back (and so much more) in FREE products!
  • Offer is also available for friends that come together.
  • Offer is available for current clients (and friends) only.

Book Your Appointment Today! Call (918) 728-1577

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2012 Hairstyle Trends

Want to be a trend setter and watch everyone follow your lead in 2012?  Take note of these trends early and those around you will see you as a leader in style and in fashion! Talk with your stylist about which look is best for you - your lifestyle and fashion desires.   We're here to help you be all you can be in 2012!

Long Hair

It appears the hottest trends and most popular hairstyles for 2012 will be long hair and hairstyles. Long hair on women will never go out of style, as it accentuates femininity and offers a sense of outward allure.  Many celebrities are wearing their hair long again, and you can expect to see the slightly wavy hair parted down the center with long bangs in 2012.

Medium-length Hair

Loose, relaxed waves will also be in style in 2012 for medium haircuts. This is a trend that was introduced last year and is oh-so-in right now!  You can’t go wrong with a long, relaxed, wavy hairstyle this year.

No one will be wearing pin straight short cuts, and straight bangs are over. Loose waves can be done in a few different ways; they can give off a beachy look while being a little messy, or they can be smooth waves with a touch of class.  Soft, elegant, cascading waves, will also work well for formal situations such as proms, weddings, and formal events.

Short Hair

In 2011 the popular hairstyles included a broad assortment of different short styles. Celebrities such as Jenifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham made the bob cut famous, which was quickly brought back in 2011. The pixie cut was perfectly done by Michelle Williams at the 2011 Oscars, and was a popular hairstyle in 2011 as well. If your life is busy and you need a cut that is low maintenance, consider one of 2011’s short hairstyles. You are still in-style! This year, you will notice many celebrities sporting graceful short cuts.

However, women with very curly as well as very thick hair should avoid short cuts – it is nearly impossible to manage and will not be a popular hairstyle in 2012. Super short hairstyles with low maintenance are going out of style; however, easy “wash and wear” styles are coming back in this year. There will be less short hairstyles with spiky pieces, angled pieces, razor cuts and drastically long pieces in the front – sorry, this style is on its way out.


Fringe bangs will be in style in 2012, and are a great way to sharpen up any short cut.

The popular look this year is to wear your fringe bangs over one eye with a slight part on the opposite side – use a comb to smooth out the hair with a flat iron for a sleek look if you have medium length hair. Bangs can be cut in an assortment of exciting new ways… from ultra-full, angled, curvy, or cropped; however blunt bangs should be avoided this year.


For those who want to grab the attention of everyone in the room without having a drastic cut, try coloring your hair with a dramatic change.  2012 is the year to rock your new style!

The color trend this year includes the warmer hues such as dark, rich browns, reds, and warmer blonde shades. For those daring enough, try a dramatic cut with a trending color for a complete hairstyle makeover! Grab hold of one of these ideas and be a trend-setter in 2012!  Ask your Hair Designer their recommendation for you and be on top of the game this year!  We are here to keep you cutting edge! New to the Salon?  Check out the Specials & Discounts available from our talented Hair Designers!

How cool is this!


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Props to the new iPhone 4s for the very cool black & white salon photo!  We love your pictures - keep 'em coming!

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We're so excited to launch our Salon Website and we want to thank each and every one of you for dropping by to say "Hi!"   Everyone give it up for for the fabulous creation of this website!  Please, take some time to peruse through the site and give us your feedback!  We always love hearing from you and are eager to know how we can better serve you.  ~ The Mather Team