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Full or part time available and FREE BOOTH RENT option for stylists who retail hair care products. Pay NO Booth Rent and keep 100% of your Profit.

FREE BOOTH RENT Business Concept!  Stylists who educate and prescribe hair products are compensated by getting their salon space for FREE. It’s a win-win for everyone, and we love it!

  • Clients are empowered as stylists take the time to educate them on their at-home hair care regime and sell them the products they need.
  • Stylists get to work RENT FREE and maintain 100% of their profits! They also have the added benefit of knowing their clients looking fab. all the time because they’ve taken the time to recommend the right products (and those people are a walking calling-card!).
  • The Salon owners don’t have to push retail sales (you won’t get that from us!). And because stylists take the time to professionally recommend products, sales are higher and overhead expenses are paid from retail revenue (vs. booth rent).

Mather Hair Design & Cosmetic Studio was established to be a professional support to service providers licensed through the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology. We are always looking for service professionals who love what they do and have a passion to make people look and feel beautiful. Resumes are always welcome and interviews are conducted based on available openings. Stay ahead of the curve…

– Booth Rent Stylists
– Commission Stylists
– Cosmetic Assistant
– Apprentices / Guest Services

We welcome all resumes and/or inquiries – they can be mailed, emailed, or delivered to us in person.

Mather Hair Design & Cosmetic Studio
8222 E. 103rd Street, Suite 124
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tel: 918-760-3708

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