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Platinum Blonde

Everything you need to know...

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By JORDANIA NARGIS | Master Colorist

Everything you want to know about going Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde is one of the most coveted looks for women of all ages. It emanates a vibe of on-trend magic — turning heads and punctuating popularity! If the old adage is correct, Blondes have more fun, then it would stand to reason, that Platinum Blondes steal the show!  Think Rachel McAdams, Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian West, Christina Aguilera, and of course Marilyn!

If you are considering coloring your hair platinum blonde, read on! I’m going to share with you the secrets of master stylists and tell you everything you need to know about the platinum blonde transformation process.

Bring your Stylist a Picture! Platinum Blonde Hair Colors

Every week we have people book platinum appointments and show us those glamorous, on-trend pictures from Pinterest. We love that! Because even within platinum color there is variation in shade and we can tweak your platinum color to better complement your skin tone. It’s a chemistry thing. It’s amazing how a slightly different shade can make or break the entire look, sit’s important to communicate with your stylist upfront and share a picture of what you hope your platinum hair will look like.

“I Like you better Blonde!”

Before you start down the platinum blonde road, there’s something you need to know.  Once you go platinum, and can’t really go back, because you’re going to absolutely fall in love with your hair! That glamorous hair is going to attract a ton of attention (think Marilyn) and fastback you to instant star status. Yes, once you go platinum, you can never really go back because inevitably your platinum cult followers (usually including your SO) will always be there chanting “I like you better blonde!” So read on with eyes wide open!

“How do I know if my hair will go that light?” 

I have customers who come to me for the Platinum hair makeover after being told by other stylists that their hair can’t get that light. It’s simply not true. My experience is that anyone with hair that is in good condition can be platinum. If you already have color in your hair it’s a little trickier. And, if you have overly processed hair where the protein in the hair is broken down or the hair is weakened, you won’t be a good candidate for platinum. But healthy, strong hair will look fabulous and will fully display the beautiful color.  

My advice is, find a master stylist who specializes in platinum hair color and arrange a consultation. Once they see your hair texture and condition, they’ll tell you immediately if you can proceed. 

Below, you’ll see before/after pictures of Brandy. I did a platinum transformation for her last week at Mather Hair Design & Cosmetic Studio in Tulsa, OK – we had so much fun! She gave me permission to share her before/after pictures for this article. Brandy had been told repeatedly by other hairstylists that she wouldn’t be able to pull off platinum hair and, “Your hair cannot go that light.” Well, as you can see, Brandy pulled off the platinum look just beautifully! And I have to say, the color punctuates her natural beauty and kind heart. I really enjoyed working with Brandy to help her achieve platinum blonde!

Jordania - Platinum blond artist hair stylist Tulsa Oklahoma Mather Hair Design

“Can any hair stylist do platinum hair?” 

No. Just like not every doctor can do surgery, not every hairstylist can pull off platinum blonde. This is a highly specialized color service and only experienced stylists with specialized training are going to be able to do what you are wanting. Expect to pay between $150 and $400.00 for this service, depending on your length of hair, texture, and the professional products needed to achieve the desired results.

Don’t go cheap on this service! Your hair should be one of your best features and it should punctuate your personality and style. Do the work to find a colorist you can trust — someone who specializes in platinum transformations. Look at their online reviews and ask to see pictures of their work

Anyone can go platinum if they have healthy hair, but very few stylists can create that silvery, icy platinum look. 

“Will the process damage my hair?”

This is one of the first questions I get when women sit in my chair. First of all, maintaining the integrity of your hair should be the number one consideration. Which is why it is important to do your research and find a hairstylist with proven skills, education, and a commitment to get the results you desire.

Lifting your hair to platinum is more than just lightening or bleaching the hair, it includes a couple different processes that are customized specifically to your unique hair and carful attention is taken to protect against damage.

For each client I factor in condition, thickness, and pigment to determine how I will approach each platinum transformation.  I use a formula additive called Olaplex. And for some people, I recommend the Olaplex Bonding Treatment directly following the lightening process. It’s one of those expensive pro products, and many stylist do not include in their color service because of this. Ask for it! Here’s a picture of one single strand of hair with and without Olaplex!


See the difference!?  Olaplex is essential for any and every hair-lightening service. Professional colorists should have this cost built right into their pricing, because when you take hair lighter you could end up with breakage and/or thinner hair. Olaplex is a bond building serum that protects hair from damage during the chemical process by reconnecting broken disulfide sulfur bonds. Yeah, I know that’s kinda technical, but bottom line is this >> hire a specialist that knows what they are doing and who cares enough about your hair to safeguard it during the lightening process.

“Can I go Platinum in one visit?”  

Maybe. Everyone’s hair is different. During the initial consultation, I let my customers know how long it will take and why. Keep in mind that the process may be a journey that could take several hours or it could take a few appointments. It will all depend on the condition of your hair and how dark it is. 

Trust your stylist – they are highly trained and will make recommendations based on keeping your hair healthy. If you don’t walk away platinum, you will walk way beautiful, feeling good about yourself, and have a plan to get to that beautiful platinum hair color.

Platinum Chemistry 101

First we lighten the hair by decolorizing to break up the natural melanin in the hair. This process lifts the cuticle. Here it’s all about proper technique. An inexperienced stylist might lift the hair too high or go too light with their process and that’s where damage can happen. Pushing hair to it’s full lightened potential is not healthy, it will leave your hair stripped of protein (which holds the hair together) and over-processed. We’ve all heard the horror stories!

Ideally, your stylist will lift your hair color until you see a buttery yellow color, and then they’ll use a professional cool toner to dial down on the perfect platinum look for your skin tone. Finding the perfect balance between lightening and toning — that’s the superpower of pro stylists!

“What’s the Upkeep?”

Plan on being in the salon for a touch-up service every 3-6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. It’s the same process described above for your new hair growth. Maintaining your platinum hair is just as tedious as the original transformation, but with a twist — the platinum formula placed on the new hair growth CANNOT OVERLAP onto the original platinum. It’s a tedious process, but I love it! Most clients spend 2 to 3 hours in my chair each month to maintain their platinum blonde hair. The cost is in the ballpark of $250 for each service.

“If the adage is true, ‘Blondes have more fun,’ then it would stand to reason, that Platinum Blondes steal the show!”

Platinum blonde is such a great example of cosmetology being both artistic and scientific. And maybe this is why I love doing platinum transformations so much. Both sides of my brain are rising to the challenge!

We’re always excited to see a new platinum blonde consultation scheduled. These are some of the most fun and rewarding services, because the transformation is so sensational. And, I love it when clients post their before/after pictures! The best though, is when customers text me a few days later and tell me how everyone at work is reacting… how their SO is loving it, or that they are suddenly the center of attention everywhere they go. We’re like, ‘Yeah, get used to it — that’s the platinum blonde effect!’

Not much competes with having silky, beautiful, platinum hair. So, realize if you’ve got healthy hair, you are a good candidate for platinum blonde. You can do this! So have fun, and live your best life right now. 


Jordania! Love love your blog post! You are the hair master! See you soon!

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