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Indulge your hair color fantasy with vivid hair color!

Want a quote? Shoot us over a picture of your hair now, and of the bold new color you want. We'll let you know if it's doable and give you a price. We want to help make your hair dreams come true!

Fantasy Hair Color by the artists at Mather Hair Design

Having fun with hair color is the thing to do. It’s all about expression and pushing boundaries. The trick is to take bold colors and make them less harsh. By utilizing color blending techniques the outcome should be elegant yet edgy. If you are a bit nervous about taking the plunge with your bold hair color, we have some advice. Start small and work your way up. If you want to see how a color looks, try adding strands of the color first, and if you like it keep going!

Raging reds ❣ Vivids ❣ Purples that pop ❣ Pastel hair color ❣| Pastel ombre ❣ Opal blondes ❣ Bright colored highlights ❣ Mermaid hair ❣ Jewel toned hair ❣ Rose gold hair ❣ Exotic hair color ❣ Color melt ❣ Fantasy hair color ❣ Fashion color

There’s just something about the way vivid colors make you feel the most like yourself. It’s why people keep coming back for more (and trying new colors). Once you get a taste and you realize how fun and low commitment it can be, you just keep wanting more. Start off with just some peek-a-boos underneath your hair, or even a single piece. And before you know it… you’ll want to go all out. 

And if you think that vivid hair color is just for young women (or those going through a midlife crisis), think again! We know a few girls under 10 and grandmothers too! Some switch it up every time, others have a signature shade, and we’ll help you come up with a plan for transitioning your color every few months so you get the best possible results when making a change.


vivid color melting


just the tips


peekaboo hidden color

pastel obbre purple

Pastel hair color

Be sure to choose the best hair color salon in Tulsa to assist with your new bold hair color look.

It can be a big change to go from natural colors to bold and vibrant ones but we are ready to help you transform your look for the best. Consider your skin tone and how the color you choose will work with your natural beauty. This trend isn’t going anywhere and it is so in style to have these tones in your hair! Vivid color is just beautiful on people, the way the tones look against your eyes and skin. Trying on all different shades can be empowering and beautiful! Go for it!

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Fantasy Hair Color by the artists at Mather Hair Design

Indulge your hair color fantasy with VIVID hair color.